Stahls’ Unveils Spirit Stores

The garment decorating experts at Stahls’ have launched Stahls’ Spirit Sale to allow team dealers and apparel decorators to create online stores to sell more custom shirts to groups, schools, causes, teams and businesses. Stahls’ Spirit Sale is an online e-commerce platform that allows dealers to create client-specific web stores in less than 10 minutes. The stores can be “pop-up” stores designed to collect orders over a set period of time or long term stores designed to be open 24/7/365 for customers to shop.

After creating the framework of a store and generating a unique website address, the shop owner can fill it with products. Spirit Sale allows the user to select from thousands of stock garments available from Stahls’ Transfer Express or import their own. Once items are added to the store, logos can be added on the items through one of the three integrated designs so that buyers can better visualize the finished product.  

“One of our beta-testers and early adopters has already used Spirit Sale to generate over $50,000 in revenue through the platform in a matter of months,” says Josh Ellsworth, senior VP–sales for GroupeStahl and a contributor to the development of the platform. “We’ve already helped facilitate thousands of sales for our customers with Spirit Sale.”

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