Champro, Fox River Making Protective Masks

Left: Champro's new Triple Layer Face Mask. Right: Fox River/Red Lion' face masks using antimicrobial technology.

Following up on the CDC’s new recommendation that everyone should wear a cloth face cover in public settings, a number of team sports suppliers have shifted production to making protective face masks.

Champro has repurposed some of its sporting goods production capabilities to make products needed during the COVID-19 pandemic. A portion of all sales go to support the company’s initiative to provide masks to the at-risk population.

Its new Triple Layer Face Mask line features customized graphics and is available in three wear styles (over ear, around the head and tie back) and is offered in adult and youth size.

The outer layer of the mask is lightweight 100 percent polyester and the inner layers are 100 percent cotton for comfort and breathability. The 3D contoured design creates space between the wearer’s mouth and the mask to reduce condensation, which increases long-term wear comfort and mask effectiveness.

The sublimated masks are fully customizable and feature Champro’s Juice sublimation to produce vibrant colors. The Branded Bulk masks come in 14 colors and include a one or two-color heat transfer logo/graphic. All masks are washable and reusable making it economical and eco-friendly.

For more information on the Triple Layer Face Mask line:

Sock maker Fox River/Red Lion is also making face masks using a powerful antimicrobial technology called Cupron that never washes out.

The design of these masks is ingenious, chief merchant Scott Little tells Team Insight Extra, explaining that they are made on traditional Circular Knit sock machines.

“We are the first to create a wearable mask on a sock machine — no cut and sew,” he explains. “Each mask is seamless and comes off the machine as a whole garment. No sewing or additional labor which means less people are handling the product by hand in our factory. They go straight from the machine into our protective poly bag packaging and then shipped to the customer.”

This masks are knit in Osage, IA, using Cupron fibers, a copper-based antimicrobial technology that is embedded in garments. The technology’s unique properties provide anti-odor and antibacterial benefits to the embedded fabric. Unlike topically applied solutions, the Cupron technology does not wash off or rub off. Cupron polyester kills bacteria, fungus and microbes on the mask that cause odor.

In addition to the Cupron technology the stretchy, lightweight design of the C156n FlexFit Mask helps eliminate the discomfort behind the ears by slipping over the head instead of behind the ears. The mask is machine washable and the Cupron protection does not wash out.