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Team Business Struggles With Coronavirus Challenges

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, simply, “May you live in interesting times.” While seemingly a blessing for an active life, the “interesting times” of the winter of 2020 are... Read the full story.

It’s Official: NSGA Cancels Annual Management Conference and Team Dealer Summit

It was only a matter of time before it became official and word finally came down yesterday afternoon that the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA) decided to cancel the 2020 Management Conference & Team Dealer Summit... Read the full story.

More Coronavirus Fallout: Little League Recommends Suspension of All Activities Through May 11

What little hope was held out for the early resumption of spring sports across America received a blow when Little League International, following the most recent guidance from the CDC, “is strongly advising” all its local Little League programs to... Read the full story.

Baden Sports Announces New CEO, COO To Replace Michael Schindler

Following the sudden death of former president Michael Schindler earlier this month, Baden Sports’ this week appointed Jake Licht as president and CEO and Casey Schindler as executive VP & COO. Read the full story.

Marucci Sports Acquired By Compass Diversified

In a somewhat minor acquisition in the world of team sports, but one that involves an interesting smaller company that made some significant inroads against much-larger competitors, Compass Diversified Holdings... Read the full story.

On My Mind…One Thing and One Thing Only: Coronavirus

I had originally written a pithy editorial for this issue of TeamInsightExtra on the demise of Modell’s Sporting Goods and the sudden departure of my friend Cathy Pryor from Hibbett Sports, but in light of all that has happened in the world this week – and influenced by the comments by team dealers around the country...
Read the full story.

Archives - MArch 5, 2020

The Big One: Universal Athletic Acquired By Trivest Partners

In what had been rumored for more than a year and was one of the team industry’s worst-kept secrets, Universal Athletic, the largest remaining independent team dealer in America, this week was acquired by ASB Sports... Read the full story.

BSN Sports Acquires Nill Bros. Sports, Longstreth Sports

Not to be outdone by the headline-grabbing acquisition of Universal Athletic by rival Trivest Partners, BSN Sports in recent weeks closed on two significant purchases of independent team dealers. Read the full story.

Obit: Michael Schindler, CEO and President of Baden Sports

Michael Schindler, the long-time CEO and president of Baden Sports, passed away on February 19 from an apparent heart attack during a vacation in Hawaii. Schindler was 70. Schindler was the son of Baden founder E.C. Schindler. Read the full story.

Cheaters Not Welcome Here: Pennsylvania Little League Bans Use of 'Astros' Team Name

As Major League Baseball gets set to open its 2020 season in a cloud of controversy caused by the electronic sign-stealing scandal by the Houston Astros, at least one youth baseball organization is outlawing the team’s name on its uniforms. Read the full story.

SFIA: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and Flag Football Lead Team Sports Growth

After years of stagnant activity rates, 2019 saw three million more Americans take part in some sport or fitness activity, according to the SFIA’s annual Topline Participation Report. Read the full story.

McCord Joins Edwards To Headline NSGA Conference & Team Dealer Summit

Golf broadcasting personality Gary McCord will join football coaching legend Herm Edwards, to bring even more star power to the National Sporting Goods Association’s (NSGA) 56th Management Conference & 22nd Annual Team Dealer Summit in Phoenix, AZ, in May. Read the full story.